The New Forest Trust

The New Forest Trust was founded in 2003 with one simple aim – to secure the future of the New Forest.

Our charitable aims are:

  • Promoting the conservation, protection and improvement of the New Forest
  • Promoting the conservation and protection of the commoning livestock, the deer and other flora and fauna of the New Forest
  • Promoting the education and understanding of the public in the commoning of livestock, of fauna and flora and the environment of the New Forest

We secure financial support locally through donations and from the millions of people who visit the New Forest every year through our Love the Forest scheme.

The money we raise is used to fund projects that meet our charitable aims, some of these projects we deliver directly, others are delivered by local organisations in the area through the Love the Forest grant scheme.

Our work has already funded many vital projects, but to do more we need your help. Without you, the wildlife, unique landscape and community of the New Forest is in danger of disappearing. The New Forest is a very special place, we are determined to keep it that way.


Our relationship with the New Forest National Park Authority

We engage the National Park Authority to do certain activities on our behalf.

As an organisation which is larger and better resourced than the New Forest Trust they can deliver services on our behalf more efficiently, ensuring that we spend more of the money we raise on projects.

The New Forest National Park Authority run the Love the Forest scheme and Love the Forest grant scheme on behalf of the Trust, they receive a fee but also provide additional salary costs, office space and overheads, free of charge.



The New Forest Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Our annual reports can be found on the charities commission website.

Our charity registration number is 1099420 and our company registration number is 04698058