Visitors Helping The New Forest Trust

It is estimated that there are currently in excess of 10 million day visits to the New Forest per year. They represent an important part of the local economy and the New Forest Trust is determined to work with all those involved to ensure that everybody who visits The New Forest has a full understanding of the unique and complex interaction that occurs within the forest, and that all visitors do all they can to minimise any unintentional impact upon the fragile environment which they love and enjoy, and that we want to preserve for future generations.

Many Visitors ask what they can do to help preserve and conserve the place that they visit and so love. One very direct way that you can help, is to make a donation to the New Forest Trust, who will use that money as part of one of the many projects that they already support, or who they will receive a request for funding for such a project.

Another way that you help is to become a friend of the New Forest Trust.

You may consider making a bequest or legacy to the New Forest Trust.
For more details you can email our Chairman or write to us at:

The New Forest Trust
c/o Pennyfarthing Mill
Lyndhurst Road
New Park
SO42 7QH