Inspirations In Wood Exhibitions

Conservation of the New Forest is more certain and sustainable if timber from the area continues to be used to make useful things.  This ensures resources return to the Forest.

The New Forest Trust Exhibition 2018


We have renamed the Exhibition. At least half of the Pavilion floor will be used for furniture exhibits. The remainder will be to demonstrate other wood products and techniques for making them, as well as explaining the work of the Trust.

Furniture Makers

We still believe it is important to lend support to furniture makers especially those training to make this their career. Rather than run a competition for Trainees, we now intend to support them by offering a space for final year students to exhibit their work and talk to our many visitors. Jointly, with the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers and Colleges, we will provide help to meet the costs they face in taking part while the Exhibition is open.
For Professional Furniture Makers we propose to offer more space so that they can exhibit more examples of their work.

Brief History

Every year since 2006 the Trust created an exhibition called ‘FINE CRAFTED WOOD’ at the New Forest Show. The main part of the exhibition has been a competition for Trainee Furniture Makers. The quality of the pieces exhibited in this competition increased but Trainee interest has declined recently. In addition to the Trainees we have been fortunate to attract exhibits from professionals. Latterly, these include people who were Trainees in previous years. We have also attracted exhibits from the Christchurch Wood Turners, the Fellowship of Furniture Makers, and a sequence of people who use wood in traditional and unusual ways.

An important change has been the introduction of our New Forest Pavilion. This structure with local timber frames mounted on a wooden floor makes for a much-improved environment for our exhibits.

However, we need to refresh the Exhibition and the part the Trainees play in it, if it is to continue.

The Exhibition – INSPIRATIONS IN WOOD – 24th to 26th July 2018

First, we wish to keep this an event where people learning to be Bespoke Furniture Makers have space to exhibit. From now on we wish to make available a minimum space of 3m by 3m for each of up to four Colleges where they can display their 3 best pieces made by three final year students. Again, promotional material can be displayed in the allocated space and the 15% commission will apply to any sales.

Second, up to now Exhibitors have been limited to a single piece of furniture. We will continue to make space available free of charge, even though the yearly average number of visitors is over 20,000. It was always possible for Exhibitors to make sales provided the exhibits were kept on show for all three days. We now propose to offer a minimum space of 3m by 3m to Exhibitors in return for a 15% commission on any sales. This will make it possible for Exhibitors to display more than one item in addition to displaying promotion materials in the space.

College/Student Exhibits

The College/Student offer is titled “To Infurniture and Beyond” – “Making good in Wood out there”. It is intended to make this a step between learning and working where Trainee Furniture Makers can meet and talk to many potential customers.

The intention is to provide help and a small sum for each exhibiting student to help with subsistence and transport costs. This will include entry tickets to the Show as well as a space to camp in the Show camp ground.

The Rules for student exhibits will be quite simple. First, each exhibit should be made by only one student. Second, the exhibit should be predominately, with solid wood and made from wood obtained from a tree species commonly grown in the UK.

There will be only one competition, this for ‘The People’s Choice’ i.e. Best in Show.

To plan and organise the Exhibition we really need to know who is exhibiting and details of their exhibits at the beginning of June 2018. If you are interested it is important to contact us as early as possible by email to